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  Tamiya has released official photos and more detailed information for the TA07MSX. As  mentioned before the motor mount is now different, ...


Tamiya has released official photos and more detailed information for the TA07MSX. As  mentioned before the motor mount is now different, with the motor behind the spur, copying the TA05 and the new wave of mid pulley RC cars. 

Also check out the top deck, this brings the motor closer in than many other designs out there.  The single belt is also good for stock racing as it does feel more direct when you get on the power than a dual belt platform. 

There are lots of other nice details, such as the open stabiliser holders on the bulkhead (Easier to swap), and some interesting screw holes on the bulkheads, maybe the old TA07 top deck would fit? or a horizontal deck?

Overall this new Tamiya TA07MSX looks superb, unlike the electrics install in the photo :)  Release date is ETA November.  

Here is the translated information, and additional photos.

[The highest peak of one-belt 4WD with improved road surface responsiveness and traction]
 This model further refines the driving performance of the TA07 MS, an electric RC 4WD touring car chassis that uses a highly efficient single-belt drive 4WD. The lower deck is available in 2.25mm thick carbon and 2.0mm thick aluminum suitable for high grip road surfaces to support various road surface conditions. Combined with a vertically arranged 2.0mm thick upper deck, it creates supple roll characteristics while ensuring pitching rigidity. In addition, you can select two motor positions with different traction characteristics. As with the TRF420, the suspension mount uses a resin bush for delicate settings. The front and rear pulleys are the same as the TRF420. In addition, while making the SSBB damper a standard specification, we also prepared a carbon damper stay (3 mm thick) compatible with the TRF damper for bumpy road surfaces. [TA07 MSX kit standard parts (* = dedicated parts for this kit)]

● Carbon lower deck 2.25mm * 
● Aluminum lower deck 3.0mm * 
● Carbon front upper deck (2 types) 2.0mm * 
● Carbon rear upper deck (2 types) 2.0mm * 
● Carbon damper stay for SSBB 3.0mm * 
● TRF damper Carbon damper stay 3.0mm * 
● Carbon bumper support 2.0mm 
● Aluminum lower bulkhead * 
● Aluminum motor mount * 
● TRF420 Front direct pulley 
● TRF420 Aluminum direct cup 
● TRF420 Gear differential 
● Double cardan drive shaft 44mm 
● Lightweight joint pipe for double cardan 
● 44mm lightweight swing shaft (reinforced type) 
● TRF420 wheel axle 
● TRF super short big bore damper 
● TA07 Adjustable Ackerman 
● Aluminum servo mount * 
● Adjustable suspension mount 
● VG O ring 
● Aluminum turn buckle 
● 04 Hard coat aluminum pinion (27T)

[Aluminum lower deck suitable for high grip road surface is also set. Two motor mounting positions that take advantage of the characteristics of one belt can be selected.] Carbon chassis specifications and aluminum chassis specifications can be selected to support running on various road surface conditions. Two motor positions can be selected, and it is possible to finish the machine with different traction characteristics. The vertical upper deck is also set with two front and rear decks corresponding to the motor position.

■ New layout with spur and motor swapped back and forth. This spur and motor layout brings out easy-to-use driving characteristics. The vertical upper deck adopts a front and rear split system.

Damper stays for TRF dampers are also available In addition to the standard SSBB dampers in the kit, stays for TRF dampers are also included. Corresponds to various road surface conditions.

Source (Tamiya.com)
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