54977 Tamiya TT02 Aluminum servo mount Review

The TT02 has a lot of available option parts available for owners to make their TT02 very much their own creation. They range from useful tuning parts all the way up to pure bling.. so let's have a look at this new aluminium servo mount from Tamiya. 

Opening the packet and we have the instruction sheet and a bag of fixings (6 JIS head screws and four washers). 

The new one piece servo mount is a very nice looking piece of machined aluminium as you would expect from Tamiya. It also has the Tamiya logo printed on the outer edge for that extra bit of class.

The shape of the mount bends towards the middle, this is to allow it to work better as a mount for a receiver as it will help stop it fouling the servo horn, whilst maintaining a thinner upper profile to try to save on weight where possible. 

Regarding the weight, as you can see it weighs approximately 16g, this is to be expected from such a large lump of aluminium. 

The standard kit mounts are approx 3g, so you are adding 13g of weight on the motor side.

One of the problems I have always found with the TT02 is that the servo mount holes in the chassis do not allow you to have some wiggle room for the different servo sizes. This involves you having to take a bit of time trying to align original servo posts to the holes, loosely mounting the servo, trying it again and again until you are happy with the fit. This was never ideal. 

The new servo mount makes things much easier, you just mount the servo in the mount with the four included screws. The bridge itself is a perfect fit so you can just attach it to the chassis without any back and forth. This is a good thing and it makes this whole exercise much simpler, and gives you more confidence that the chassis will not tweak.

Track test

As you would expect I cannot say I feel any real difference when running the car. In my head I thought it might feel a bit more direct, and that is a possibility as the servo is locked and loaded and not going anywhere. I would definitely use this mount if I was running a TT02 for Rally or in it's TT02B off road guise. 


This new hop up from Tamiya looks the part. It provides the TT02 with a more robust steering servo mount and that is a good thing. The servo will be held in place firmly ensuring you get a good steering feel, alongside much less chance of chassis tweak if you are hitting things for fun.

The obvious con is the extra weight for those who are on the limit for racing, but most TT02's are underweight anyway. 

However for most users this is a nice little hop-up. It makes the TT02 even more reliable and consistent, and its a pretty blue lump of aluminium with the Tamiya logo on it.. what more could you ask for :)
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  1. Just building my first TT-02, so appreciate this detailed review, it's on the shopping list :)



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