Happy new year! and the year ahead

  2020, not been great has it?  So let's not dwell on that and look forward to the year ahead.  www.TheRcRacer.com was set up to talk ab...


2020, not been great has it?  So let's not dwell on that and look forward to the year ahead. 

www.TheRcRacer.com was set up to talk about hobby that I have enjoyed for most of my life.  The site has introduced me to new friends from all over the world who share the same passion for the hobby :)  I also get a lot of PM's and emails, and they are overwhelmingly positive, with many asking questions or asking for tips that I endeavour to answer when I have the time.  

However there have been a few nasty emails that appeared since lockdown. I can only put that down to more people reading about RC cars, or maybe people being down because of the current situation and venting at anything that they do not think conforms with their views on what I should be covering on the sight.  They were not critical emails, that's fine and I like to improve the site. These were were just vile, it did actually make be almost think about having a break from this, but I just decided to delete them and move on.

If anything positive can come from it, then it has only just made me affirm what I like to cover on this website and has given me more impetus to work on it going forward.   So here are a few changes / ideas for things going forward.


I am introverted by nature, so I have always preferred to just write articles about RC. I do want to do more videos / talking heads but frankly I am not keen on being in front of a camera. Although I know videos do work, so I have been trying to find a format that I am happy with, and one that can enrich the way that we all share information. I hope to start sorting this out very soon.

Inclusively exclusive

The hobby always has things that you can learn, that's why I still enjoy it after all these years. Where possible I try my best to explain things for beginners in articles, and I have always enjoyed covering the wide range of Rc cars, from RTR cars to top level race cars. It is something that I have wanted to be core to the site from day one, I want as many people as possible to get to grips with RC, and to stick with it. I feel that I might have neglected some of that recently, so I will feature some articles for beginners, especially when supporting the Junior-E Tamiya race cup.

Large and small articles

More of a range of articles. This site has changed a lot over the years, initially because of the great feedback from Dez Chand, then how I was bowled over by the articles by Jimmy on Oople, and the detail of Kentech's superb blog. Over the years I have moved into making these large articles. 

However I think that the pressure of doing this has almost become a blocker. So in the future, you will still see these long form articles, but also will get shorter articles, and more mini reviews of hop-ups and maybe just some random musings.

New parts and Custom Builds

Designing new parts, and looking at custom builds are still something that I really enjoy. It's great to create parts for old classics, and trying to extract every last bit of performance from a entry level chassis. Expect more of these alongside potentially some things on a larger scale.

Retro Racing

Retro is also something that I want to embrace a little more. There are a lot of Tamiya chassis that I have knocking around that I think are under represented with articles or information so I will endeavour to cover those.

Junior E

Tamiya Junior E is a new racing series for novice drivers (and maybe more..) is something that I have always been passionate about. There is going to be a lot more to hear about this over 2021 and beyond. I cannot wait to help support the other organisers so we can deliver something that racers and Tamiya Fans will enjoy.

So with that, I just want to wish you all a Happy new year and hopefully we will all be racing again in 2021 :)

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  1. I love your site and the information that you give to us in it, please ignore the people that choose to be less than negative so that the rest of us can continue to be enlightened by your site. I am a club racer at best buy have learnt plenty from you, maybe other people would like to provide you with suitable content from time to time? I'd be happy to help but I'm not sure I'd have much of use to say🤣

  2. Thanks for a great site and content. You are providing many things this hobby needs to continue. Much appreciated!

  3. Don't listen to the downers. The content here is great. I love reading the articles with no noise around. This site has and continues to be a great resource. Especially on the tamiya front which is how I found you. Keep up the great content and thank you for all the articles

  4. Happy New Year mate. Its a great site, keep up the good work.



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