42371 Tamiya RC Car Maintenance Stand Review

There is one thing that stands true when you race a Tamiya.. Everyone needs to come over and take a look. Is it the detailed engineering, the unique design traits? Well it could be, but in reality, its the shiny blue bling that invokes the Magpie spirit in racers as they come over to take a gander. 

Well, prepare for even more people to come over, thanks to the latest release from Tamiya in the shape of their RC Car maintenance stand. 

The stand itself looks great. It has rubber feet and two hard foam strips on the top to help keep your chassis nice and steady.

The stand has the TRF logo on one side

The opposite side has the Tamiya Logo.

In an attempt to get some added functionality into this shiny metal lump, there are 4 cut-outs on the upper deck where you can store your shocks when rebuilding them. It's a nice touch and at 40mm high it will be long enough for the range of onroad TRF shocks. 

Here is the stand next to my original and very rare Tamiya stand.

As you can see the new stand is taller, providing more prominence for your Tamiya in the pit area. 

Track test

As you can see, this stand works perfectly. The TA07MS managed to stay perfectly seated on the stand. 

I returned the next day, and there was zero movement.. the stand had indeed done it's job  ;)


So is it worth it? Yes easily.. If you have any Tamiya from a TT02 to a TRF you can place your model on a shiny blue pedestal for both yourself and others to worship from afar.. ;)

Needless to say I have bought several.
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