58693 New Tamiya TA08 Photos and detailed analysis

Tamiya had a live presentation video today to launch the exciting new TA08. We all got to see more details on the chassis. Here are a select...

Tamiya had a live presentation video today to launch the exciting new TA08. We all got to see more details on the chassis. Here are a selection of images and information that has been gleaned from the video and the video itself

The steering system looks to be the same as the TRF420, along with the servo mount.

The front and rear of the car uses the same part. Here you can see how the rear can have ARS (Active rear steer) by changing the spacers under the ball connectors. You can also see the upper arms in detail

Detail of the upper arm.

Here you can see the motor mount. I do have a little worry here that a square pack could hit the upper belt. I doubt it.. Also that  plastic guard would probably not be installed by most.

Here you can see the TRF420 gear differentials

Underneath, you can see the droop screw plates. The chassis seems to take the inner suspension mounts from the new TRF adjustable mounts

Here is the front of the chassis, as you can see there are mounts for the adjustable suspension blocks. this is great from a tuning point of view.

This is the rear of the chassis. It's quite different as it is moulded to be more like a diffuser. you can see the roll bar mounts. As mentioned before, it looks like there are small squares so you can fit the inner parts of the adjustable suspension mounts. 

Here is the full chassis. The V-shape is around 10 degrees. You can see that the motor position is not adjustable. The Front belt is 132t and the rear belt it 101t. That's a rough 60/40 pulley position.

Just a close up of the rear of the chassis. The shock towers only have two adjustable positions. The hop up 3mm carbon towers have 5 adjustable positions for the shock. 

Here is the front close up. TRF420 bumpers sprue is used to allow the shell to be moved forward and backwards 2mm

Overall it looks very impressive for a mid priced chassis. Some great features and also importantly for us TRF racers it looks like some of those parts might work on other Tamiya cars (Cough TRF).

Here is the video, if you notice any more details, let me know.

Source (Tamiya.com).

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