58693 1/10 RC TA08 PRO Chassis Kit Full detailed Tamiya info and photos

Lots of new official detailed information from Tamiya is now available. I am getting more excited about this chassis every day :) Let's take a look. 

First up here is the new video

Now the info

58693 1/10 RC TA08 PRO Chassis Kit

Speedy and controllable 2 belt-driven 4WD chassis in TA series!

It has been five years since the last time new number chassis in the TA 4WD R/C touring car series. The slim TA08 PRO Chassis Kit eliminates the need for an upper deck, which balances weight and rigidity. Its layout features the motor in near identical position to the TRF420, with the spur gear in front of the motor. Newly designed upper & lower arms make effective use of tire grip, equipped with laid down SSBB (Super Short Big Bore) dampers. This kit was based on Tamiya’s extensive know-how built up through our traditional chassis series and data from racing, and offers plenty of potential for tuning.

Separately Required Items

  • Body
  • Type 540 motor (Brushless motor is recommended)
  • Tires
  • R/C equipment: 2-channel R/C system with ESC and low profile servo
  • Battery Pack and Charger
  • Batteries for transmitter
★ Angled battery and R/C equipment mean higher center of gravity and compact, lightweight chassis with optimal pitching and roll flex.

★ Stepped-V chassis molded in carbon fiber-reinforced resin facilitates rigidity even without an upper deck. The front end of the rear suspension shafts are mounted directly onto the chassis.

★ Angled battery and R/C equipment give optimum weight distribution, and a compact, grippy chassis, even on low-grip surfaces.

★ Slim chassis reduces surface contact and urethane bumpers with holes allow air to escape for the stability.

★ With spur gear ahead of motor, the chassis gives a stable drive, and belts are closer in length to facilitate minimal drive loss.

★ Ball connected A-arms are identical front and rear, and produce more potential tire load, for good grip even on slipperier surfaces.

★ Hanging suspension mounts firm up the rear for more grip and stability, and facilitate toe control* for smooth cornering.

*As the suspension compresses though corners, toe-in range changes and provides a traction boost.

★The chassis is equipped with a compact cable case to keep cables securely and safely out of the way.

Source (Tamiya.com)

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