New Tamiya Touring chassis TA08? sneak preview and first info

Tamiya has given a sneak preview of its exciting new mid range racing chassis coming soon. It looks very much like a mix of the TC-01 and TA chassis philosophy.  Here is some early info taken from the video

  • The new chassis is a dual belt design not single belt like the TA07.
  • The chassis has rear Active toe suspension
  • The pulley is forward, but not in the middle of the chassis. 
  • It has TRF420 servo mount and bumper mounts
  • It is super low profile (SSBB shocks)
  • The arms are based or from the TC01 chassis. Upper arms are new.
  • Centre spine (GRP / Aluminium)
  • Chassis is V shaped.. this might make it very stiff and not need much of spine.
  • Rear belt is on the motor side, this makes the motor stick out more than it should

I will be excited to see more. The car is like a TA07 / TC01 hybrid.  Taking the lightweight simple chassis design of the TA series, and taking the arms etc from the TC01..  

I love a quick plastic Tamiya tub car. Here is the video, let me know if you spot anything else. Official info coming from Tamiya on Friday 12th March.

tamiya 1129981139248399362

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