54799 Tamiya TT-02 High torque Servo saver Review and tips

The steering on the TT-02 when build properly is very free, however the kit servo saver can flex under load. This will result in the steering feeling quite loose when cornering, and it can also make the car feel a little like it is wandering around on the straight as the plastic ring bends over time. 

One simple fix is to add some CA glue to the horn, this makes it stiff, but as you would expect this takes away any spring action to help protect the servo on a large impact. 

As you would expect, Tamiya has an option part available to solve these problems with the 54799 TT-02 High Torque Servo Saver (With aluminium horn). 

Included in the packet you get the plastic Parts, Metal spring parts, a selection of fittings and last but not least a pretty blue aluminium horn.

As you begin the assembly you need to select the correct servo mount out of the included Q-Parts.  You have two options

  • Q1 - This is for 25t spline servos. These are the most common type (Futaba, Tamiya and most other brands)
  • Q3 - This is for 23t spline servos such as KO, Sanwa and Acoms

Next up you need to fit the three steel springs consisting of two gold springs and one black spring. These are quite easy to fit as long as you do it correctly.

The two gold springs come first. You fit these you just align the spring on the plastic part (Q1 or Q3). Using your thumb you push the spring onto the servo mount from the bottom up (See the picture above). The spring will bend around the spline and then it opens and snaps back as you apply it. 

After the first two gold springs you then mount the hard black spring. Again align it and push down with your thumb from the bottom up and it will snap on. It's very simple and even someone with soft hands and limp wrists like me can apply them without any effort. 

** TIP** if you want to make the servo horn very stiff (Stiffer the better). You can now add one or two drops of CA glue at the top of the servo mount where the springs attach at the top. I must stress, it should only be a very small amount. 

You you slide in the aluminium horn onto the front of the spline. If you have added CA glue you will need to ensure that it is dry before you attach the servo.

At this stage you need to determine what hole you will use as a mounting point. I am using this on a TT02 that doesn't use the D15 part so I used the top mounting hole.  Here I found an issue, I use an adjustable turnbuckle for the steering rod. The kit does not come with a ball connector nut, so I used one I had in my pit bag (Tamiya 53640), any Tamiya 5mm ball nut will be fine.

The front servo saver plate (Q4) is placed in front of the aluminium horn and you mount it to the servo so that it is as upright as possible when the servo trim is at 0.   (Here you can see the servo is in the 54977 Aluminium servo mount that provides even more stiffness).

Once attached you will need to check the steering trim and if you run a turnbuckle you can adjust the length.

On the track you will notice the difference on how the TT02 rides into the corners. The stiff servo saver will give you a much more direct steering feel, ensuring you can be more precise when racing towards the apex.

As the springs are very stiff you will find that the car will not be prone to wander on the straight as there is absolutely no slop on this part. 

Like all servo savers, over time it can wear down. The springs will eat into the plastic back servo plate causing slop, and the springs can lose their stiffness after a years of hard knocks. The good thing is that you can re-use the aluminium horn again. 

Overall the 54799 Tamiya TT-02 High torque Servo saver is one of the key upgrades for any TT02 driver. It improves the feel of the car both in the corners and on the straight, providing you with a better driving experience, essential for improving your lap times. It also gives you a nice bit of Tamiya blue bling to add to your car, and is not expensive.  Perfect!

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