Tamiya TA08 Pro TheRcRacer New Carbon parts Preview

I've been running the Tamiya TA08PRO for some time now, and as anyone who reads the site would expect I have had a little tinker and hav...

I've been running the Tamiya TA08PRO for some time now, and as anyone who reads the site would expect I have had a little tinker and have been testing some new parts. These are basically finished although I want to do a little more testing this week. 

So here is a sneak at what I have been developing for TA08 racers

The most noticeable part is the top-deck. As you would expect this dramatically reduces the flex on the TA08PRO. At the moment I have mostly been running this chassis on high grip carpet. When running more sedate motors the flex is not to problematic. However when running 13.5 I really noticed the flex and I found it too much to be consistent. I still intend to explore the set-up options of this chassis, but in the meantime I made a new top deck to see how the car would handle the speed.  

On the first outing I just stuck with the 13.5 and the car felt like a completely different animal. It's much more consistent and not lacking any speed. I also found that I could run stiffer springs with the top deck.  One thing I have noticed with the standard TA08PRO is that is requires springs much softer than I would normally run. So there is still a lot to be explored finding the correct springs. At the moment Mugen springs or the Tamiya Short soft springs (Green and Red), seem to be the best. 

The other part is the rear shock tower. The kit tower is clever, and works well if you want to run a Tamiya pre-drilled shell in a Tamiyacup race. I want my TA08 to run racing shells so I have made this tower that allows you to fit any TRF420 shell straight onto the chassis. The cool thing is that the TA08Pro comes with the TRF420 rear body posts so you just use the kit parts.

The eagle eyed amongst you will also notice that I have made the rear tower allow you also fit rear facing bodymounts. You have four height settings so you will be able to easily adjust the shell height in this position. 

These designs are pretty much finished. I just have one more test for the top deck (made a small change). When they are finished they will be available from Fibre-lyte and sold as all my parts with no profit or costs coming to me, and available to all Tamiya Racers worldwide.  I will update you on the progress and more detailed articles on each part soon. 

Parts now available for Order
Lots of people have been asking, so the parts are now available to order directly from Fibre-Lyte (Click this link). As with all parts I design. They are sold as non-profit (I do not even take costs). They are just my way of supporting other Tamiya Racers.  

I hope you enjoy them, please let me know if there are any issues or tweaks that you find and I can try to solve them, as I only have a limited testing capacity, you become part of the race team when you buy them and please share your thoughts. 

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If you appreciate the non profit work I have done, please feel free to tip me to help me to afford to develop more parts to develop (These all come out of my pocket and I never take a penny on the sales etc) You can make buy me a cup of coffee / tip by clicking this link https://www.buymeacoffee.com/TheRcRacer
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