Rug Racers XRS Round 2 Nov 26 - Race Report


XRAY Sponsored Rug Racers XRS is back for round 2 of its 2023 return and the action through the day did not disappoint. All three classes were packed with battles from top to bottom of the field which was all recorded by our Rug Racers livestream! With 2/10 rounds down towards the 6 counting for the championships, drivers were prepared to drive for their next 2.

In our 4.5FDR MB Models and Ride tyre sponsored Front wheel drive class we saw Jamie Hickin take TQ once more after his round 1 TQ by a healthy 3 seconds, however our 2nd and 3rd qualifiers of Adam Southgate and Darren Lee were split apart by only 0.01 of a second! The first leg saw Jamie win from pole by almost 2 seconds with the top 5 positions staying the same before we saw Jamie take the second leg and the round after a very close battle with Darren finishing only a tenth behind!

The Overall Rankings in frontie for the day was as followed:

  1. Jamie Hickin
  2. Darren Lee
  3. Adam Southgate
  4. Aaron Rose
  5. Ethan Southall
  6. Sam Jones
  7. Alex Everett
  8. Gary Taylor
  9. Paul Upton
  10. Shane Chipolina

An interesting qualifying in 17.5 Rush Stock saw Zak Finlay take TQ once more with a 2 second gap over Billy in 2nd. Zak would take leg 1 of the finals by 3 seconds over 2nd where the top 3 stayed the same with a close battle for 3rd between Ricky Copsey and Sam Nicholls! Leg 2 saw Zak take it once more to also take the round with Ricky Copsey making it through from 2nd from the 3rd spot.


The top 10 in 17.5 Rush Stock included:

  1. Zak Finlay
  2. Billy Fletcher
  3. Ricky Copsey
  4. Mason Weston
  5. Will Everett
  6. Ethan Southall
  7. Sam Nicholls 
  8. Masanori Oyama
  9. Matthew Worton
  10. Adam Downing

Modified was consistently thrilling, including a close battle for TQ between Kyle Branson and Alex Thurston where Kyle would eventually take it by 3 tenths over Alex. Our first A main would see Kyle Branson making a gap to take the win. However the second leg was made for a brilliant race, Alex took the lead early on into the race to come home with the win by a tenth.

Our Modified class saw its top 10 as followed:

  1. Kyle Branson
  2. Alex Thurston
  3. Harley Eldridge
  4. Chris Grainger
  5. Daniel Robins
  6. Matthieu Dambrine
  7. Matthew White
  8. Paul Pinkney
  9. Stefan Chodzynski
  10. Peter Eagles


RugRacers XRS Returns for Round 3 on January 21st 2024 



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