Tamiya 22080 Lo-Mount Aluminum Retainers Review

Tamiya has given us racers a few new parts to keep us busy until the new chassis will arrive. One of the more interesting parts are the 22080 Lo-Mount aluminum retainers. The official blurb says that it will lower spring  position for smoother spring motion and nimble handling. 

In the bag you get 4 retainers along with 4 shims. 

The shims raise the retainers 0.5mm.. I can only imagine that you will use these if the retainer hits the arms. I didn't fit the shims and had no problem with the shocks rubbing against the arms. 

The retainers weigh in at 0.83g, a tiny 0.24g heavier than the plastic parts they replace. 

Once mounted the retainers are 2mm lower than the original retainers. I coupled them up with the new SLP towers that I had been developing to make the most of the lower spring position. 

The extra adjustability that was available to me with the lower retainers did allow me to tweak the rear set-up a little more than with the kit retainers. Since running these with the SLP towers the TRF420X has been even better on the more technical sections of the track.

Are they essential? Well personally I think you will benefit running these with the new towers, if you are running them with the original towers.. then I suppose the springs will be lower, so a little better for the centre of gravity, but it will maybe not be quite as noticeable. 
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