RugRacers XRS Round 5 Season Finale Mar 24th - Race Report

The highly anticipated final round of Rug Racers XRS return season took place on Sunday 24 th March where the podium places of each class w...

The highly anticipated final round of Rug Racers XRS return season took place on Sunday 24th March where the podium places of each class were settled with the champions being crowned for the season. Unfortunately, the two driver who could’ve contested the modified title were not able to attend; Alex Thurston and Harley Eldridge – where Harley was out at ETS in Austria making history as the first female driver to make a modified ETS A final! The absence of these drivers meant that it would ultimately be won narrowly by Elliott Harper who would finish the season only 1 point ahead of runner-up Ollie Payne. Frontie would see Jamie Hickin take the top spot with the maximum number of available points at 600, similar to Zak Finlay who would win in 17.5 Blinky.

Four exciting runs of FTQ qualifying would result in Championship winner Jamie Hickin taking pole over Darren Lee by just one tenth! This would then lead on to a pair of close finals where Jamie and Darren would have a close race through the duration of the first leg however Jamie would be able to hold on to take the win. The second  leg saw slightly less excitement where Jamie was able to slightly pull away allowing him to take the maximum amount of points for the day and the championship win.

The top 10 for frontier sat as follows:

  1. Jamie Hickin
  2. Darren Lee
  3. Sam jones
  4. Stuart Rand
  5. Dan Knight
  6. Gary Taylor
  7. Alex Everett
  8. Ethan Southall
  9. Mark Caton
  10. Malc Hall

The mega competitive 17.5 blinky class saw Zak Finlay take TQ, meaning that he had taken the top qualifying spot at every round that he attended this season! Zak would be followed by Billy Fletcher, only 1.4 seconds behind. The first of the 2 leg finals was initiated by a first lap mistake from Zak which would allow Billy through into the lead where the two would drive nose-to-tail for the entire 5 minutes resulting in Billy holding the lead to take the first leg. The second leg took off to a great start with a close race between the two before Zak was able to pull away before he was unfortunately hit by a back marker, forcing him to retire which would mean that Billy would go on to take the second leg to win the meeting while securing 2nd in the championship for him.

The top 10 in 17.5 for the day consisted of:

  1. Billy Fletcher
  2. Ricky Copsey
  3. Mason Weston
  4. Matthew Worton
  5. Liam Tyrell
  6. Zak Finlay
  7. Will Everett
  8. Finley Whitelock
  9. Charlie Colby
  10. Adam Downing


The sharp end of modified saw Ollie Payne take the top spot, 4 seconds ahead of returning Olly Jeffries where Matthieu Dambrine sat in the 3rd position on the grid. The first final saw a commanding win from Ollie Payne where he would pull away, managing the gap for the rest of the run taking a comfortable 3 second win over Olly. Leg 2 began with Olly Jeffries trailing Ollie Payne – looking for an opportunity however, Ollie would go on to find a gap, once again winning by 3 seconds to secure himself 2nd in the championship.

The Overall Results In modified for the day sat as:

  1. Ollie Payne
  2. Olly Jeffries
  3. Matthieu Dambrine
  4. Bailey Graves
  5. Stefan Chodzynski
  6. Paul Pinkney
  7. Ashley Wiffen
  8. Daniel Robins
  9. Kwesi Knight
  10. Jamie Hickin


The Overall top five for each class over the championship concluded as follows:



  1. Jamie Hickin
  2. Darren Lee
  3. Adam Southgate
  4. Sam Jones
  5. Ethan Southall


17.5 Blinky

  1. Zak Finlay
  2. Billy fletcher
  3. Ricky Copsey
  4. Mason Weston
  5. Will Everett



  1. Elliott Harper
  2. Ollie Payne
  3. Harley Eldridge
  4. Daniel Robins
  5. Matthieu Dambrine


The MB Models Junior champions were:

Frontie – Ethan Southall

17.5 Blinky – Charlie Colby

Modified – Daniel Robins

Along with Finley Whitelock, Tobi Gittins & Frankie Fletcher all receiving £25 vouchers for MB Models.

The special recognition award going to Frankie Fletcher for his outstanding performances, RugRacers will also be supporting his racing at the national series this year, good luck young man.

We would like to thank all our Sponsors for supporting us this season
Series Sponsor Xray

MB Models/Ride






Thankyou to everyone that attended, we hope to see you again next series!

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