Rug Racers 2015-2016 Round 4 Race Report

Rug Racers Round 4 the penultimate round, where those in contention had the opportunity to extend their championship advantages or leave ...

Rug Racers Round 4 the penultimate round, where those in contention had the opportunity to extend their championship advantages or leave them scattered to the winds which were certainly aplenty outside. For everyone else lots of fun as we take to what we do on a Sunday, have fun enjoying our hobby.

Once in, the beeping sounds of the chargers began as everyone readied their cars for 1 round of controlled practice which would begin bang on time of 9.

Once completed & the obligatory heat reseed had been sorted the drivers briefing got under way with the affable cash extractor Alan “Snippy” Chipolina & his side kick Glen “Silver Badger” Smith taking on the mic in the absence of Malc “Slim” Hall.

1st up GT12 & heat 1 again featuring 8 of the 11 drivers all under 13, (most under 10) improving each round as they gain more confidence. No surprise to see Darcie Smith at the top of the time sheets as continues to improve and impress with her pure speed. Heat 2, Lance Walker & Snippy were swapping the top 2 spots with Richard White seemingly the bridesmaid. Heat 3, Tim Hancock took 3 of the 4 rounds with Chris Wilkinson & Scott Morton keeping him honest.

17.5 Heat 4, Greg Roberts lead the charge, with Lee Juniper hanging around to try and break his hold at the top. Heat 5, Mark Trinder kept himself at the top with Ian Nicholson & young Jak Sansom staying in the mix. Heat 6, this was a close run thing with Owen Carter, Spencer Jones, Gary Jones & Rob Brighton only being separated by a few seconds. Heat 7, Matt Worton & Mason Weston took 2 each with Nigel Shaw in amongst them.

WGT heat 8, Tom Hampson was a class apart with the every impressive Owen Smith (he is 12) showing what a fantastic driver he is becoming, seemingly the only one to get near matching the pace of Hampo, not sure what they have in the water in Nazeing or what Glen Smith feeds his kids but it is certainly working. Remo “MoodyFools” Casadei was keeping pace just behind with championship leader Martin Southall suffering electrical & mechanical breakdowns in 3 rounds.

Open Mod heat 9, Billy Fletcher, Doug Campbell & Max Guerola kept themselves in the top 3 all keeping pace on 26 laps. Heat 10, Chris Grainger took 2 of the rounds being the only driver to break into 27 laps, with Scott Booth, Paul Pinkney & Matthew White a little further back but close enough to cause concern later on in the finals.

Once the heats were concluded we moved onto the raffle again delivered by Snippy with his interesting flair for wit & sarcasm being blended together to make what is basically pulling out numbers seem somewhat more amusing that it is. Again a fantastic display of prizes from all our many superb sponsors to make entry into the raffle worthwhile.

Finals time & 1st up to the line would be the GT12 C Final, Leg 1 was a clear win for Nigel Philpott with Pete Lyons taking Leg 2 leaving a top 3 of Pete Lyons, Nigel Philpott & Graham Parker, B Final, Leg 1 was a win for pole man Alex Carter with a lights to flag run Andrew & Stan close behind, Leg 2 belonged to Alex Carter as well in similar fashion with a top 3 of Alex Carter, Stan Booty & Andrew Simpson. A Final Leg 1 & surprisingly Leg 2 ended with all 5 cars finishing in the same position they started in Tim Hancock driving to victory in both legs, the only real drama came from Leg 2 When Chris Wilkinson had to recover from 5th back up to 2nd. Again we will mention Owen Smith in 5th and showing his superb turns of speed, surely a future champion. Ben Vincent championship leader coming into this round would have to settle for 4th Overall Tim Hancock, Chris Wilkinson & Scott Morton.

2nd Chris Wilkinson, 1st Tim Hancock, 3rd Scott Morton

17.5 D Final, Leg 1 was Ben Powles with Lee Juniper taking Leg 2 Overall Lee Juniper, Ben Powles & Raymond Cockman. C Final Leg 1, Ian Nicholson took both legs with Peter Covell in 3rd, 2nd was a shared experience with an Overall of Ian Nicholson, Peter Covell & Adam Southgate. B Final saw both legs taken by Rob Brighton from 2nd on the grid with the pole man Gary Jones settling for 2nd, up from 8th in both legs was Alex Mortimer to round out the top 3, of Rob Brighton, Gary Jones & Alex Mortimer. A Final Leg 1 was a win for Mason Weston after briefly dropping to 2nd he fought back to take the win from Chris Page & Jamie Hickin. Leg 2 was a lights to flag victory for Mason with Chris Page again taking 2nd from Michael Redshaw with less than 1 second separating them at the line.

2nd Chris Page, 1st Mason Weston, 3rd Michael Redshaw

WGT A Final, Leg 1 Martin Southall took the victory from 4th although only half the story with Hampo out in front the battle seemed to be for 2nd with Owen Smith until a broken car saw Hampo forced to retire & Martin able to capitalise on the mistake to take the win. Leg 2 was a more fierce affair with Hampo streaking off like a scolded cat with Owen Smith in tow (Owen is quick btw) leaving a tight battle for 3rd between Remo “MoodyFools” Casadei to take place over a number of laps. This allowed the front 2 to drop Remo & Martin like a bad habit. Martin able to force the mistake was able to start pushing to close the gap dragging Remo along with him. Up front Hampo was not getting it his own way with Owen close enough to smell the additive but time ran out and Hampo took the win. Overall Martin Southall, Tom Hampson, Owen Smith.

3rd Owen Smith, 1st Martin Southall, 2nd Tom Hampson

Open Mod B Final Leg 1, Dani Young led them off the lights and onto victory but not before letting her Dad Mark Young have a fleeting look at the track in front of him, Dani deciding that was enough of putting him 1st and took the position away from him. Tom Garnham coming home in 3rd. Leg 2 and Dani Young was not feeling quite as charitable this time around, while Mark circled his prey he was unable to make any move stick & Dani drove it home with Jason Coe in 3rd Overall, Dani Young, Mark Young & Jason Coe. A Final Leg 1, Chris Grainger took the 1st leg with a comfortable lights to flag victory from Matthew White who had made his way up from 6th to 2nd & Scott Booth capitalising to take 3rd. U17 Driver Terry Yarranton took 5th from 8th on the grid to finish a few seconds off the top 3. Leg 2 was controlled form the front by Chris Grainger keeping Paul Pinkney close behind but just out of reach, the top 4 able to open up a gap after a midfield incident shuffled the order. Chris winning from Paul & Max Guerola. Overall Chris Grainger, Paul Pinkney & Scott Booth.

2nd Paul Pinkney, 1st Chris Grainger, 3rd Scott Booth

As round 4 closes we look forward to the final round where all the champions will be decided. So from us all a big thank you to all our sponsors, team members & you the drivers for coming along and taking part.

For all the photos & any videos please head over to our Facebook page “UK Rug Racers” & our website http://www.rugracers.co.uk/ for further information.

We look forward to seeing you all for the final round on 6th March for the final round.

Active Scale Models - http://www.activescalemodels.co.uk/
Mardave - http://mardave.co.uk/
Schumacher - http://www.racing-cars.com/
CML Distribution - http://www.cmldistribution.co.uk/
HPI Racing - http://www.hpiracing.co.uk/
Tonisport - http://www.fast-webshop.com/tonisport
Logic RC - http://www.logicrc.com/
RC Racing UK - http://www.rcracinguk.com/
MoodyFools - http://moodyfools.com/
Muchmore Racing UK - http://www.muchmoreracing.com/
Propel RC - http://www.propelrc.co.uk/
RC Racer Mag - http://www.rcracer.com/
The RC Racer - http://www.thercracer.com/

Full results from Round 3 can be found here: http://goo.gl/bUZhy8

Words - Martin Southall
Photos - Emma Conyers
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