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Now lets look at the front of the TT02-S, This new Front plate provides a great way to sort out the front droop, save weight (25g approx...

Now lets look at the front of the TT02-S, This new Front plate provides a great way to sort out the front droop, save weight (25g approx), and also provide some tuning solutions with the front suspension geometry.
This carbon plate allows you to mount the Tamiya aluminium adjustable suspension block at the front of a TT02-S, and also provides coverage underneath the chassis so you can set the droop via the droop screws in the suspension arms.

Fitting instructions.

You need the following
  • 2 x 3x6mm CS screws (can be 3x8mm or 3x10mm if needed), to attach the Tamiya suspension block.
  • 3 x 3x8mm CS screws to attach the plate to the chassis.
  • 2mm spacer with a 3mm hole (Tamiya 53539 is ideal). (Not needed but good if you want to make the surface contact stronger)
  • 1 x Tamiya 54880 Aluminum Adjustable Suspension Mount (XB). **Note** This block is needed as the inner front suspension holes are approx XD width.
  • 5 x 3x10mm cs screws to build the bumper assembly and attach it to the chassis plate
  • 2 x 3x10mm button head screws to secure the bumper via the top plate.
  • 1 x Tamiya 51253 TB Evo 5 B-Parts (Bumper)
  • 1 x Tamiya 54145 TB-03 Urethane Bumper 
First up you want to mount the suspension block with the 3x6mm screws. I would recommend using the N3 blocks with them on the inside to have 0deg (Or close) of front arm sweep.

You attach it to the three holes underneath the chassis. The middle screw hole is 2mm lower than the outer holes so I used a 2mm spacer. This spacer will ensure that you get a better surface area against the plate, making it more secure. So just screw in the 3x8mm screws. Fit the centre screw first and then move onto the outer screws and make sure that it is straight.

Now you need to build the front bumper. The Tamiya 51253 parts and 54145 are all you need. I used the optional Tamiya (54089) carbon bumper support for added bling (The plastic part is very similar weight).  You need to use this instead of the TT02 bumper set-up,  as that will not fit, there are also weight advantages.

Here are the build instructions for the bumper assembly from a Tamiya Manual. You do not need to fit the front bodyposts, although if you they are the same position as the TT02 front bodyposts (Or at least very close).

You attach it to the front with the three screws.

All finished :)

Changing the front arm sweep

As the block is adjustable you can select a range of front sweep. In reality I would not suggest you never go above 1 degree. I have provided a chart below. You can use the adjustable blocks, or the older suspension blocks if you have them at hand.

Front arm sweep makes your suspension bind as the front hinge pin is at an angle. This makes the front end stiffer. This is because as the weight moves forward the hinge pin is angled into the opposite direction of the corner. This delays weight transfer going forward but as the suspension binds it applies more pressure on the tyre, creating more traction and increasing your mid to exit corner steering.
  • More arm sweep = less initial turning but more in the corner around the apex.
  • Less arm sweep = More initial turning, less at the corner apex

Changing the Suspension pin height

With the Tamiya blocks you can also change the height as well as the width. This changes the angle of the suspension pin providing you with rear pro-squat / anti squat.

Front Kick-up / Pro-Dive  is where the front of the suspension pin is higher than the rear point. This will give you more initial steering, but less as you go around the corner.

Anti-Dive is when the front of the suspension pin is lower than the rear. This gives you less steering as you enter the corner, and more around the rest of the corner.

For lots more detail, on all of these settings and more, check the suspension guide I made here (Click link)

Weight Saving

The original TT02S plate is made from steel so is strong but very heavy. With the droop arms it is 13.01g

The TT02 bumper assembly is also needed with the old car, here you can see it is 28g, if you add the kit plastic bumper retainer you need to add an additional 12g. (40g).

The new bumper assembly is 20g lighter than the old set-up at 20.27g

The Droop plate with the Tamiya adjustable mount weighs in at only 8.68g saving 4.5g of weight over the standard S front mount. Once you factor in the new bumper support you will save 24.5g.

Balancing the chassis

The front and rear plates have small 2.5mm holes to allow you to use pins to check the left / Right weight balance like a standard TRF car :


Over the standard part on the TT02-S you save a good chunk of weight and also can adjust some of the front suspension geometry.

It also provides the ability to use the droop screws without needing to purchase additional parts. Droop is an essential part of tuning, and you can now easily adjust it by changing the droop screws.

Oh and the end result is you have a nice Tamiya piece of blue bling. What more would any Tamiya fan need :)

Where can I get one? (AVAILABLE NOW!).

  • The part is approx £6 (At time of writing this).
  • The parts are available direct here : http://www.fibre-lyte.co.uk/
  • Email sales@fibre-lyte.co.uk
  • If you put this in the title 'TheRcRacer TT02-S Front Plate'
You can list the parts you are after and will need to give your address so they can calculate the postage and send you a paypal payment request.

Help develop more parts

If you appreciate the non profit work I have done, please feel free to tip me to help me to afford to develop more parts. You can make a safe Tip by clicking this link https://www.buymeacoffee.com/TheRcRacer

Disclaimer and thanks

These have been made as a contribution to the Tamiya racing community. There is no profit for myself and the parts can be ordered directly via Fibrelyte. These are just a tuning aid, I found them to work well, as has others who have tested parts. Every track / driving style is different so do not expect a golden bullet.

Thanks to Steve at Fibre-Lyte 

This is a simple part but was inspired by some of the amazing work Kevin Kreft has done on his TT02 Total conversion, which takes a TT02 and makes it look like an Awesomatix.

I have invested my own time and money in these parts for the Tamiya community, at no profit for myself. These designs are always helped via feedback from other racers. So please let's share feedback and set-ups and I can try to refine or design other parts in the future :)
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  1. Great site.
    Love what you're doing with the TT02.
    Question: what anti roll bars are you using on the front of this car?
    Space between the shocks and gearbox casings is pretty limited and I'm struggling to find a bar the right width to fit in without interfering with the shocks.
    Thank you in advance.

  2. I think these are 417 roll bars. However very soon there will be another solution that will use the common 418 bars :)



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