42336 Tamiya TRF Setting Board Review

After a very long hiatus it looks like I might be able to get to the track again soon. So I thought for once I might actually be prepared for the first race of 2021 (I'm never prepared.. but I can always try). 

Looking at my racing kit I decided that I needed a new setting board for when I am at the track. The current one I use had had a few too many scrapes and due to the fact that I haven't been racing for a while I had a bit of cash in my racing budget so I decided I would treat myself to the latest Tamiya setting board.

After a few drinks and without any research on a Friday night I hit the interwebs and searched 'Setting board & Tamiya'. Instantly I noticed that there was a new TRF setting board so I sorted the results on price and treated myself to the latest and greatest.

I wont lie, I knew it would take a while to turn up (No UK stockists), so I didn't really look any further about my purchase, and just waited for the parcel to turn up, anticipating a nice package to break the mundane routine of lockdown to appear at some point.

After several weeks the box arrived, excitedly I ripped open the package to take a look at the contents..

I slid the setting board out of the package and was presented with the above contents. A rather plain looking setting board and a selection of TRF stickers.

I wont lie, I was pretty disappointed.. I love TRF blue, I've raced it for over 20 years. There is no doubt about it, the blue makes you faster why on earth is it grey!

As a point of reference, this was the last TRF setting board looked like. The TRF blue aluminium setting board still looks great. This is my third one, they did get a lot of use and they got scratched and marked. This one was purchased as a back-up and in the end I have mainly kept it for photos, even then it had managed to get a few marks... However just bask in the blue that it radiates.. there can be no doubt for anyone in the pits that anyone using this would be running a Tamiya.

So back to the new setting board.. well despite the fact that it's just grey.. and not even blue, or adorned with a TRF logo (Why Tamiya?) I am happy with it, why is that you ask? 

Well, Functionally it is nice and light. It's also well made and very straight so I have not problem using it to take out the tweak on a chassis.  It will also fit easily in most pit box's including the 42337 TRF Trolley pit bag. 

Importantly when I use it I know that it is an Tamiya setting board. I like to think that it is like a special racing Ouija board, summoning the set-up knowledge of Satoshi Maezumi, Kiyokazu Suzuki and Takayuki Kono. When I place my chassis on it they guide me to intuitively know the right things to adjust to ensure that I get the most out of my Tamiya at the track ★☆ or maybe I'm just a fanboy ;)  

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