A short review of 2021 at theRCRacer

This year has seen more normality return compared to the crazyness of 2020. After not being able to race for so long, I have made a real eff...

This year has seen more normality return compared to the crazyness of 2020. After not being able to race for so long, I have made a real effort to rekindle my passion for the hobby in 2021 and I am pretty happy with how things have gone. 

So as I'm in a reflective  mood, I thought I would look back at the year.  Here are some of the more notable highlights. 

The most satisfying part of 2021 was being able to collaborate in setting up the fantastic Tamiya Junior-E race series. When I started this website it's focused has always been to help people get into the hobby. Junior-E has been a fantastic success, in its first season it has already introduced over 50 rookie youngsters to the hobby. Watching the on track battles as they drive their TT02's around proves that the thrill of RC racing can still engage youngsters. This can only be encouraging for the future of the sport.  

The Tamiya TA08pro was also an excellent release from Tamiya in 2022 (Along with the TD4).  I'm a sucker for a tub chassis, and the TA08pro is an absolute belter! I loved geeking out and making the in-depth review of this superb chassis. It has a wealth of innovation, and it is also great fun to run at the track. It was also a buzz to have released the first chassis hop-ups for the car. I've had reports from drivers all over the globe, with pics of their trophy wins and some good constructive feedback on other parts or tweaks that they would like :) Next year I hope to give the TA08pro more track time at an outdoor race series.

From a creative point of view, it was fun releasing the Active Floating Towers. These have been something I have tinkered with over the years and after a hiatus, they resurfaced for you all to try. The results are pretty clear and with well over 700 downloads and a decent amount of feedback it seems that quite a lot of you were also enjoying experimenting with them. 

The recently released TRF420 battery retainers have also been well received with nearly 300 downloads already. I have had some good feedback on these already and there will be an updated version soon along with some versions for other TRF models :)

Being the first to drive a hydrogen powered RC car was an experience I will always remember (Despite it being a very long day to do the filming). The car was obviously much more heavy, but the battery lasted for ages compared to normal. There are some interesting other tech developments that hopefully I can cover in 2022 :)

So finally the other key highlight is how I have rekindled my passion for racing. For this I have used a selection of TRF chassis. 

The TRF417 has been a test mule for super low grip carpark running, and I have been running the excellent H2RD mid chassis kit on the TRF419 at my local club.

I have been spending a lot of time working on the TRF420 set-ups for high grip carpet has paid dividends. The 420 has been running at large high grip carpet tracks and has been fast and reliable. Even this weekend I have found more speed from the chassis, and managed to win against some very skilled opponents, a great way to end a year that started out looking quite bleak.   

So what's coming up in 2022? Well there is another guide coming soon. A very special rare chassis in-depth review and also a TT02 part that will blow your mind.. (I might be over selling it a bit). I'm also interested in hearing what things you would want me to cover in the year ahead. 

So with that out of the way. I just want to wish all the readers a healthy and prosperous new year. 

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