42382 Tamiya TRF420X announced! First photos

It's here! the much rumoured new TRF race car, the TRF420X! So far we only have a teaser video, but it gives us some great sneak images of the exciting new car coming from Tamiya.  With more info coming on the 30th Jan, let's take a look and see what we can learn from the video. 

Following from their learnings with the excellent (TA08pro Click here to read the review), Tamiya looks to have moved the motor ahead of the motor. This provides a great balance of grip and steering in many more varied track types. 

The motor mount is obviously redesigned, and it looks to have a wide range of options for centre flex, whilst also ensuring the battery is closer inward than many mid motor designed cars. 

The upper bulkheads look to be redesigned slightly and the battery mounts now do not require tape to be used (Yay!)

Here is another look at he motor mount and upper deck design. It looks like a lot of flex options are available.

The rear of the car is also very interesting, here you can see a rear flex plate ready to tune the handling and flex characteristics.

We will find out more very soon, but 2022 looks to be an exciting one for us Tamiya TRF racers :) 

TRF420 8943901547014595675

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