42382 Tamiya TRF420X chassis kit, official photos and info.

Here is the first bit of official literature about the Tamiya TRF420X.  Let's take a good look at the detailed photos.

We have a bit more info on the car. 

  • The belts are the same as the TA08Pro (As we thought)
  • The pulley is now forward, the motor stays in the same position as the TRF420 for maximum stability and corner speed.
  • The kit comes with the Aluminium chassis 2.0mm) and Carbon chassis (2.25) in the same box (I assume you can just adjust the upper flex to tune with either chassis)
  • 6 different tuning positions for the upper deck.

Here is the info

Tamiya welcomes the TRF420X chassis kit as our latest TRF series chassis kit. This R/C model assembly kit creates a 2 belt-driven 4WD, carbon fibre double-deck chassis with updated drivetrain for superior drivability, and with a strong focus on achieving optimal flex.

About the Model

  • This is a 1/10 scale R/C chassis assembly kit.
  • The drivetrain features the spur gear positioned toward the chassis centre for stable drivability (The motor position is not changed from the TRF420.) Front and rear drive belts are based on the TA08 PRO chassis kit (Item 58693).
  • Choose from two types (carbon fibre and aluminium) of lower deck depending on running surfaces.
  • Changing screw positions fixing the upper deck allows adjustment of chassis rigidity (at least 6 different setups).
  • Features the trustworthy 4-wheel independent double wishbone suspension from the TRF420, and high precision, durable sealed ball bearings of the TRF series as the kit-standard.
  • Includes new-size 43mm rear drive shafts for different setups in conjunction with suspension mount, new front and rear bulkheads for precise assembly and various kinds of setup, and urethane bumpers.
  • Damper stays are designed to allow some flex, for high traction and a boost to driveability.
  • The floating R/C deck helps realize chassis flex, and ensures efficient maintenance.
  • The quick-plate type battery pack does not require tape for attachment. Depending on the battery pack equipped, change positions of spacers and posts.
  • Comes with a carrying case dedicated for the TRF420X chassis.
  • Please note that this chassis requires separately sold body, battery pack, motor, tires, wheels, and R/C equipment.

Here are the photos

The new TRF420x expect to see it at the race track in the end of March / April

There are a lot of lower flex options, 

New Stronger bulkheads and flex shock towers that offer more grip

The upper deck allows you to adjust the amount of flex, simply and precisely.

The new motor mount with the pulley more forward for more steering speed. Also note the floating electric plate and the new centre weight.

Every time I find out more about the car, the more excited I am. I cannot wait to get my hands on one and hit the track :)

TRF420 8158203497964201368

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