Tamiya TRF420 X SLP Carpet Set-up

The SLP TRF towers have been well received from the Tamiya racers based around the globe who have been running them. With that in mind here is a base set-up that the TRF UK drivers have been running in conjunction with the SLP towers on our Tamiya TRF420X's 

Note: We usually run F-F at the front. Not F-E which is on this sheet.. this gives some front arm sweep, which can work well, but F-F is more usable as a base set-up

All cars have the Tamiya 22080 lo-mount retainers fitted. Some of us use use the ARS (set to 1.5 gain 2 deg to 3.5). Others don't have it mounted so just run zero gain (like the default set-up). 

There is also anti-squat on the rear.. This is good in high traction, although if traction is lower you can take this off for more corner stability. 

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